Mine sure has been. Sort of imperceptibly at first with time I began to notice fewer and fewer posts from pages I’d liked were showing up in my news feed. There have been a lot of posts about the whys of that. In a nutshell, Facebook is encouraging Page Owners to pay to boost their posts and create paid ads to reach their followers, allowing for fewer and fewer ‘organic’ exposures.

Facebook Sucks

But you have liked a lot of the pages you have because you want to get their news. So here’s how to build Interests Lists where you can organize the Pages and People you’re following and actually see their posts! It’s easy and actually brings back some of the former JOY we all used to have on this popular and increasingly necessary social network.

Ready? Let’s DO this!

1. Log into your Facebook account and click your HOME link in the upper right.

2. Look over in the LEFT sidebar and scroll down until you see the “INTERESTS” section. Roll over that word and click on the “More” link that appears.


3. Clicking on “More will bring up this page. See the button that says “+Add Interests”? Click it!

4. That brings you to the next page where you can start actually creating your own interests list! Facebook prompts you with some topics and high profile Page suggestions. Ignore those. Make up your own! Click the “Create List” button.


5. That’s going to bring up a window filled with all the pages you’ve already liked (or people, or things you’re following on Facebook). Click on each one you want to include on this list you’re creating. You can do this for a variety of topics, so this is where it’s good to be somewhat organized in your thinking. For this example I invented a list I called “Ideas That Bring Smiles”


6. I went through and clicked on a sampling of Pages that I would consider a part of this category. Facebook then asked me to make a name for this list, so I called it “Great Ideas”.


7. Now I have a list I call Great Ideas that’s a newsfeed containing all the posts from the three Pages I chose to be in this list! It looks like this:

facebook-interests-068. From this curated by me newsfeed I can add more people and pages to in the upper right sidebar.

To Add Your New List to Your Favorites – in the upper left of your Home Sidebar

  1. Go back to the INTERESTS link down on your left sidebar of your HOME page.
  2. Click More.
  3. That brings up all your Lists.
  4. Hover over the little gear next to the list you want to add to your Favorites and click “Add to Favorites”.
  5. This is how you go about removing from your favorites later if you like.


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4 Responses to Is Your Facebook News Getting More and More Boring?

  1. indigoblur says:

    I don’t get more when I hover 🙁

    • martimu says:

      Hmmmmmm…….not sure why it doesn’t function the same browser to browser……did you try clicking on the word instead?

  2. June says:

    When I rolled over “interests” nothing happened. But you are right about FB. Posts from people I do not know.

  3. Frank Priebe says:

    Thanks for the tip….:)

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