FitBit Gets it RIGHT!

Sometimes a company just flat-out gets it right, you know? Take Nordstrom’s. This upscale Seattle based department store is known for leaning over backwards to make their customers satisfied; happy, even. Matter of fact, there’s a whole book about it! “The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence“. Several key points are raised and followed through in the Nordstrom signature model, number one is they pay attention to the hands on customer’s experience and secondly, they empower their employees with this phrase: “Use good judgement in all situations.” . That’s the extent of it!

Well guess who else gets it right? A little fitness company I happen to have done business with. They make wearable activity monitors, I have a Fitbit. I have formed a very strong habit in wearing my little monitor and striving to achieve ten thousands steps a day. Every day. Until that fateful morning last week when my cat and dog tag teamed my little fitbit into oblivion.

I logged onto the Fitbit Friends Facebook group and asked if anyone had a fitbit they weren’t using for me to buy. One of the respondents mentioned I should contact the company and they would likely send me a replacement. But here’s the deal: my fitbit, the one that was now all toothed up, was almost two years old! But I wondered to myself “Maybe Fitbit has a Nordstrom’s quality of customer service they’re developing. It’s worth a shot!” So I contacted them via their Facebook page:

Dear FitBit:

Another member over in the fitbit group I’m a member of told me that if I let you know my naughty rescue pooch tried to eat my fitbit zip you may help me out with a replacement. Is that at all true? I’ll attach the photo I took of the sadness. I think my fitbit has helped me NOT put on weight – because I compete with my network to stay on track. It’s such an awesome motivator! Thanks!


Luna chomped it and cracked the screen.


I didn’t hear anything for a day so I contacted their customer service email:

Hello fitbitters!

This morning in a diabolical partnership between my cat and one of my dogs, my trusty pink fitbit zip had its life cut short.

The cat pawed the little pink pal off my bed stand sending it directly into the dangerous Dog Zone where gaping jaws await at a moment’s notice to form themselves around the objects there.

You will note in the attached photograph the sad results of this scheme. The little pink fitbit zip pictured has been a part of my exercise regimen for countless miles and earned badges. Keeping it in my pocket lo these many many many steps has kept my butt in the same size jeans despite my appetite’s endless quest to expand that situation.

I logged onto the “fitbit Friends” group of which I am a member on Facebook and discovered as I was lamenting this murder that fitbit corporate might take pity on me and send a replacement. Is this a fact?

If it is, I will be sure to blog about your superior customer service on my marketing blog!

If my well-meaning advisors are mistaken then forgive me for appearing to me a whiney bubble butt with ill-behaved pets.

If you would like me to return my patient pink servant for your own edification, I will box her up and send her over. Just give me the details on how best to do that.

In any case, I already know I’m a good four thousand steps off my usual mark already and that’s just today.

On my Lazy Bottom,

Marti McGinnis

Here's Luna chewing a different plastic's a habit!

Here’s Luna chewing a different plastic item…’s a habit!

I didn’t mention the age of the thing. But I knew they would be able to figure it out by looking at my user account with them. You see, the device uploads your accomplishments every single day – or whenever you want it to – and keeps track of your every step as well as that of all other Fitbitters, and you compete with the ones you’re friends with. That’s the genius of the motivation!

I heard back:

Hi Marti,

We are sorry to hear about the damage of your Zip.

We would like to move forward with determining your eligibility for replacement under warranty. In order to do so, please provide the following information:   

  • A picture of your purchase receipt
  • Your full name
  • Preferred shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Your preferred Zip’s color (Charcoal, Magenta, Lime or Midnight Blue)
  • The email address related to your Fitbit account

We look forward to hearing from you.


Linda M and the Fitbit Team

I sent the info they wanted but had to add this:

Alas I do not have my purchase receipt as I recently moved to Mexico and had to pare down my possessions and old papers. 

You may have access to it though as I believe I bought my zip directly off your website!

I knew Linda M. was going to discover my Fitbit was aged. But you know what? She didn’t care! Soon I received an update from Ana M.:

Hi Marti,

Thanks for confirming that is time to send your replacement tracker.

Your replacement Zip (Magenta) is now being processed and your confirmation number is xxxxxxx with expedited delivery.

You’ll receive another email from with a link to your order status. When your order ships, you can see the tracking number. Your order should arrive within 2 to 3 days from the date of shipment.

When you receive your replacement, visit for instructions on setting up your replacement device.

We suggest recycling your defective device through a local electronics recycling program after your replacement arrives.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Ana M. and the Fitbit Team



Received the Replacement!

They were absolutely true to their word. It’s shiny, new and I just connected it back up to my fitbit network. Let it be known that the folks at fitbit stand behind their product way above and beyond the call of duty. Isn’t that refreshing?


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