Pick a topic that relates to your overall project or business Mission in one way or another.

  1. Advances understanding of who and what your organization or project is
  2. Advances the platform for people to see your organization and this blog as a Go-To Expert in your chosen field as it relates to your followers/customers
  3. Relates to solving problems for your readers as they relate to your offerings

Give Each Post a Compelling Headline

  • The Top 5…
  • The Top 10…
  • 6 Reasons to…..
  • How To…..
  • Don’t Get Ripped Off – Here’s How
  • Become an Instant Expert
  • How to Spot…..
  • Trends
  • Tips
  • Recipes
  • Contests


  1. Keep paragraphs short
  2. Keep the writing at a level that is easily understood
  3. Be concise
  4. add humor, and speak in a style that reflects the overall tone of your project as a whole
  5. Use bullet lists when those make sense – the idea is to ‘chunk apart’ information so people can take in your information quickly and easily. The more white space a reader sees the more likely they’ll read your whole piece.
  6. Add several images that relate directly to your content


  1. Always have at least one watermarked image you are cleared to use that relates directly to your post. Use it in the post as well as to announce the post on various other platforms (Facebook, your e-newsletter, etc)
  2. Be sure to use images that are properly licensed or belong to you or for which you have permission
  3. Develop an identifiable style for your images so they start to become instantly representative of your brand

Key Words and Phrases

  1. Create a list of words and phrases you have researched to reflect terms people use to search for information such as what you’re including in your post and as they may cross relate to both your post and your project as a whole.
  2. Use these organically in your post (rather than list separately to boost SEO rankings – increasingly less effective)


Use your new hashtag within the meta information during the upload process of your image on your post, as well as in the tags for your post.

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