This infographic makes a most excellent case for why you should be putting some brain power behind figuring out your own plan of attack for connecting your business or organization with the right clients and customers. For one thing your competition already is!

So how do you get started on the right track?

  1. Define your target audience. Use Alexa and Google Adwords.
  2. Research your buyer persona. Use MakeMyPersona
  3. Research influencers. BuzzSumo is helpful here.
  4. Identify the social media platforms your buyer persona(s) are using. BuzzSumo and Ahrefs will help with that.
  5. Look at your competitors preferred social platforms (use the links in #4)
  6. Produce content that addresses Buyer Person “Pain Points”. Use Quora to get started.
  7. Create a content bank: potential blog post content and topics, photos, quotes, links, tips, etc.
  8. Engage and build online relationships in the platforms you’re using.
  9. Maintain a consistent publishing cycle.
  10. Invest in getting more followers. Share expert’s content – that helps build you as a trusted source of great info in your chosen field.
  11. Use auto-programs to help you cross post your content. Buffer and Hootsuite are two greats ones. And my favorite IFTTT.
  12. Evaluate your results and make improvements!

Guess who can help you with ALL of the above? Yep, Marti. Give her a holler.


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