Why use Social Media for your Project? Your book launch, your small business, your workshop promotions, your craft? Because that’s where a large portion of your best audience members, your best customers may be found. What’s more, they’re in the mood to hear from you while they’re relaxing with their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.

73% of online adults in the US now regularly¬†use social networking sites. That’s almost three quarters! Three out of every four. Your target audience is among them! Facebook is still the king with users too with a whopping 63% checking in EVERY DAY! Instagram, the photo network, comes in at a close second with 57% of users checking in every day followed by Twitter at 46%. Your people are out there and they want to find you!

Need help figuring which platform might be the most efficient at connecting you with your audiences? Contact Marti to learn how to get results!


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