dogtrot-press-logoHave a book you want published?

These days getting a book to print or into the hands of your readers is much easier than it’s ever been! To the delight of all who have something to say or share the good news is Artisanal Publishing is taking the traditional publishing world by storm!

Avoid the common mistakes newbies make!

Hire professionals to tackle the nitty gritty elements of publishing for you!

Marti and her team of professionals will help you get your book into a form that will help your book stand out! We call ourselves DogTrot Press and we can:

  • Edit
  • Copyedit
  • Proofread
  • Design
  • Illustrate
  • Convert into multiple formats
  • and Help Market Your books!

Read it from one of THE Best in the Biz, new media MonsterTruck Guy Kawasaki:

The Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Self Publishing a Book.

  1. Writing for the wrong reason
  2. Not hiring a professional copyeditor.
  3. Designing your own cover.
  4. Not building your marketing platform in advance.
  5. Using a word processor other than Microsoft Word.
  6. Inadequately testing your ebook.
  7. Selling only an ebook version.
  8. Depending solely on social media and word of mouth
  9. Not tapping the crowd.
  10. Having only one plan

Select Books

The Trick Horse Companion, (Allen Pogue, Suzanne De Laurentis) Art Direction, Design and promotion – Available on Amazon

For Allen Pogue, Suzanne De Laurentis

For Allen Pogue, Suzanne De Laurentis

Sugar Pills: Non Medical Ways to Feel Your Best, (Barbara Baxter) Art Direction, Design and promotion

Destination Unknown: Adventures of a WWII Red Cross Girl, (Kathleen Cox) Art Direction, Design and promotion  (Available on Amazon)

Art Direction and Promotion

Art Direction and Promotion


Who’s Who in Equine Compassion, Editor, Author, Art Direction and promotion – available on

CANS: The Life’s Work of an Optimistic Dog, co-authored with a canine, Photography, Writing, Art Direction (available on

HapiLani: The Natural History of a Dream Land, illustrator, author, art direction (available on

400 Mornings: Artists Dreams, Pencil SketchesFull Production, Available on Amazon

Dream Drawings to Color, Full Production, Available on Amazon

Animales Felices – Happy Animals, in production now

Animal Assisted Inspiration, author, illustrator, art direction


EAGALA In Practice – the official print periodical for equine assisted growth and learning – Art Direction, Design (2005 – 2009)

EquineConnection – the online magazine for equine advocacy, Editor, Illustration, Writer andArt Direction (2010-2011)