You’ve written a book! How cool is that?

Now you need some professional help getting that baby into shape for its global launch! Good news! Marti can help.


Services Available:

  • Professional Book and Page Design (using InDesign)
  • Cover Design (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign)
  • Photograph conversion, retouching, improvement, cropping, etc (Photoshop)
  • Conversion of book for traditional print or Print on Demand Publishers
  • CreateSpace (, LuLu, Barnes and Noble, iBooks
  • PDF, ePub and/or iBook Ready
  • New Media Marketing for Your Book Launch
  • Book Video Trailer production
  • ISBN number registration
  • proper uploading to selected outlets
  • assistance with all associated marketing (press releases, social media, author’s pages, book web page, etc)
  • coaching throughout the process
  • maximizing opportunities for book launch success
  • clear marketing plans for the book launching process

The Process

  1. Marti will talk with you about your vision and the subject matter of your book in depth along with the demographic of your reader to establish a solid design direction.
  2. You can either email or mail a CD containing your manuscript and elements that are involved.
  3. Marti will determine the proper document requirements from your printer to properly prepare your book for an error-free production run.
  4. She will then design a sample a chapter page and 2+ page spreads consisting of enough text and elements to illustrate the book’s composition for you to ok.
  5. Once a layout is approved, Marti will arrange all your text/elements into a final completed book she will then email you the complete book as a PDF for the first proofing.
  6. At this time it is a good idea to have others help you proof the book.
  7. Once done and all corrections compiled you’ll send back the text corrections/changes in an email or mailed as an itemized list, marked up PDF, or marked up printed pages. She will then make all adjustments and send back a corrected copy.
  8. The process is repeated until you are 100% satisfied.
  9. Once the proof has been approved your interior book design is sent to you as a ready for print PDF or if you prefer I can send it directly to your printer.

The Price

Each book project is different so no two can be evaluated exactly alike. Some books have a lot of pictures and formatting needs (tables, charts, etc) while others are fairly straightforward text. Based on the number of pages and images as well as other design factors Marti will prepare an hourly or per-page project bid for you.


Every book is quoted on its own merit (complexity). The 5 guidelines below help Marti determine how to quote a book, and a book may fall inbetween 1 or more of the guildlines.

Marti looks over the whole project, breaks it down, and determines out every cost that is required to get the book to the printer.

  1. Design is the structure of the book design:
    • Overall initial layout design of the book.
    • Choosing fonts and sizes for all headings and body text.
    • Prepping all content for the book (front, body and back matter).
  2. Per page is the typesetting of each page and the composition of each page:
    • Adjusting all text to flow properly from word-to-word, line-to-line and from page to page throughout the book by; Kerning, Hyphenation, Widow/Orphan control, letter-spacing, and making sure that all hyphens and all other typographic elements are correct.
    • Design creation/preparation of all graphic content which may include charts, graphs, images, graphics, etc.
    • Composition which may include multiple levels of text headings, lists, footnotes and multiple layouts within design that separate content

Interior Book Design starts at $350.00

Typesetting/Composition Per Page starts at $3.50:

  1. $3.50, text – Such as Novels
  2. $4.50, Above + footnotes, multiple levels of headings, lists – Such as Teachers Guide, Lesson Book
  3. $5.00, Above + client prepared images, special treatment – Such as Art Book, Photography Book
  4. $5.50, Above + multiple headers, treatments and highlights – Such as Training Manual
  5. 6.00, Above + graphics/illustrations, charts/graphs, extensive back matter – Such as Education, Business Book
  6. $7.00+, Above + mass images, multiple layouts within design that separate content – Such as Cookbook

(All prices include all ‘service and benefits‘ listed above, there are no hidden fees).

Book Cover Design is also available! 

A deposit of 50% will start the design process. The remaining 50% is due once the book is complete/approved by you and sent to you or your printer/publishing interface

  1. What is your manuscript word count (if known) and what font did you use and its font size?
  2. How many chapters are there?
  3. Will your book have images – do they need to be prepared for print – are they photographs or other things you need me to scan?
  4. Will your book have charts, maps, etc (are they simple or complex) – do they need to be created or recreated by me, if not in what format and software application have they been saved as?

Below are some books she’s shepherded through the production process, going from raw text and photos, sketches, matchbooks, old snapshots, etc into full-on volumes selling well for their authors on and other places.


200+ pages of a fascinating story from WWII

artist's sketch book

426 pages of artist sketches


A compendium of equine rescues and groups