You’re busy!

The Rules Keep Changing

These Are Powerful Tools – In the Right Hands!

You know you should be more active online but…

You’re busy doing what it is you do and can’t afford to hire a full time Marketing Staff! But every business knows these days you have to be present and engaged online because more and more that’s where your customers and clients are getting their information. A full time new media marketing professional can be hired for upwards of $50,000 annually. If you don’t have that kind of budget – this may be the solution you’re looking for!

Easy Professional Solution!

Let Marti create and post original updates on the appropriate social networking channels for you!

How Does it Work?

Using a weekly calendar form you and Marti decide and select the daily (or weekly) topics, then Marti creates, finds or links to compatible information and posts content on your business’s social channels.

It’s important to assemble and create worthwhile content that speaks well of your own business and connects your business with appropriate thoughts and information…..and this requires a professional approach and some brainpower to do well.

When we post engaging content on your various outlets generally the more positive impact you have with your audiences.

A minimum of an hour a week would probably be the most effective. It would still be an improvement to get a weekly half hour of my time in this way too. Anything less might not yield the results we’re going for.

You’re busy and the rules seem to change weekly for using and getting the most out of your business social networks! But your business can find and maintain solid business contacts and develop supremely effective relationships with your customers.


Let Marti run your social networks – with your marketing goals in mind! Together you’ll create a plan of action that will include:

  • Which Network(s) are right for your business?
  • How much of your business resources to want to allocate towards these?
  • What specific goals should running these campaigns achieve?
  • How will this effort support your other marketing programs?

With deeply applied experience throughout all the top social networks, Marti has firsthand knowledge of the strengths and potentials of each one as they can relate to specific businesses and marketing goals.

What’s Your Organization’s Message?

400-more-415Don’t quite know how to broadcast using all the new media outlets? Marti can help you with that!

She’ll research your blo post articles, write, find or create relatable images and upload for you!

Social Networks served:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • SnapChat
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Your own blog/website
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp (Or other email newsletter service)
  • and more!


1 – 4 Hours monthly – prepaid $55/each

5+ hours monthly – prepaid $45/each

Hours billed – $65/each

PayPal and secure online payments accepted. Paper checks also processed, just inquire!