Does Your Business Struggle with Marketing?

Is Your Business trying to figure out which new media you should be using for what purpose? You’re not alone. Most small businesses and organizations struggle with this.

Two Main Reasons:

  • There’s just so much to choose from 
  • Things keep changing!

Marti has developed an easy and dare we say even fun system for creating a New Media Marketing Plan for small businesses and organizations that lays out how to efficiently and effectively target your audiences harnessing the powers of social networks and other new media.

 2-step Process

1. Questions

You are sent a series of questions meant to help you put into one document your organization’s mission, goals, purpose and dreams that Marti then goes over with you, point by point. People often say this process alone helps them get a handle on a bunch of sometimes elusive topics that seem to slip around to-do lists.

“Marti helped us get a grip on what business we are actually in and how to help our potential customers understand our services as the best solution!”
–Boris S.

2. The Plan

Marti will then creates an entire New Media Marketing Plan that summarizes your business and your business goals in terms of tackling these goals in bite sized pieces through:

  • Clear Identification of Target Markets
  • Clearly defined Messaging to reach them
  • Effective and efficient  Tools that work
  • Step by Step To Do Lists
  • Links and other Information that supports the specifics for your organization.

Main Topics include:


  • Who
  • What
  • Mission Statement
  • Chosen Style
  • Purpose

Why We Do What We Do

  • What Sets Us Apart
  • Our Business Model is based on:

Marketing Challenges

  • Marketing Assets Current Online Marketing Assets
  • Other Online Presences
  • Print + Other Marketing Tools

Clear Business Goals

Our Target Markets Today

Main Client Groups – Demographics + Descriptions

  • Buyer Personas – Buyer Persona Worksheet
  • Are your clients female or male?
  • What are their problems as they relate to your solution?
  • How does your typical buyer get information?
  • What circumstances typically drive behavior to find the solution and make their purchasing decision?
  • When they contact you, where are they, typically in their buying cycle?
  • What information do they normally need in order to make a purchase decision?
  • What sources or mediums do they typically like to receive the information in?
  • Our Main Shoppers Demographics Identifiable Traits

Your Efforts(s) To Date

Current Marketing Assets
evaluated and suggestions for updating

To Do Lists for ALL of the following that pertain to your organization:

  • Project “Look”
  • Main Website
  • Website Blog
  • Hastags and other online ‘identifiers’
  • Integrated Widgets
  • Key Metrics
  • Social Networks
  • Objectives
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Online Video – Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization and Keywords)
  • Twitter
  • Outreach – Commenting/Forums/Wikis/Rating and Review sites in our field/industry

Social Media Marketing The Basics Personality of Your Business

Suggested Next Steps
Other Considerations
Raw Brainstorming:

“At first I didn’t think I could handle answering all those questions, but Marti made it fun and together we discovered some amazing things my business, my professional goals and ways I can better reach my clients!”
–Gordon G.


$500 – $1500

What’s Included:

  • As many professionally guided phone sessions as it takes to go over the questions in this Questionnaire (typically 1 – 2 , sixty minutes each)
  • Follow up emails and research
  • An evaluation of your current efforts
  • Suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of what you’re already doing
  • A 50-100 page digital document you can share with your entire staff covering the above topics in clearly stated easy to digest blocks

“There’s no way we can afford hiring an entire marketing staff at this point in our company’s development, but working with Marti has given us a much needed boost in upping our marketing game!”
–Michael P.