There have been great changes in the way people access the internet lately and it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back. I’m talking about mobile devices: tablets and smartphones! Because of the way these gagets operating systems function many older (2+ years) websites are not functioning optimally.

As more and more (we’re already at 30%) people access the web exclusively via these devices if your web site isn’t designed for their access you may well be losing customers!

Here are some simple ways to find out if your web site is out of date:

  1. Is it more than a year old? If it is it is quite likely it’s written in outdated html or other outmoded code.
  2. Is it Flash Based? If it is a self contained animated site that operates off of a .fla or .swf file none of the Apple devices can read it. Your site is completely invisible to them.
  3. Have you updated it in the the last week or so? No? If you don’t make regular updates to some aspect of your site (via a blog or plugins of one kind or another) then it slowly drops in organic (non-paid, non-manipulated) search engine results.
  4. Has anyone interacted with it in the last week? Left a comment or filled out a form, or some such. No? Again, it takes interaction to make a site more popular to search engines. Without that – your rank drops lower and lower. NOTE: extending your domain nameĀ licenseĀ and purchasing more time on a hosting plan – is NOT the sort of update I’m talking about. Those two things don’t actively influence how people find you – just that you’re present when they type in your site’s URL.
  5. Are you actively doing things to edge up your Search Engine Optimization? If you dont know what I’m talking about – you probably aren’t, and you need to be.
  6. Are you updating with researched key words and search terms used within your industry or field? No? See #5.
  7. Is your web site engaged with your other social media outreach? For example have you got a Facebook “Like” box somewhere on your site? Do your updates make their to your Facebook Page?
  8. Have you added mobile device functionality to your site? For some this will be a specificly designed interface that detects people’s smartphones and tablets and intercepts those bringing them to a designed-for-these-devices area of your website. For others this might simply be a plugin you add on to your content management system or cms. If you’re running WordPress, then you have a cms.

An out of date website is fine if all you’re using it for is a billboard that people visit from a link you provide them specifically to do so – like on your business card or email. But if you’re hoping to harness the power of the world wide web and all its amazing connection power then you have to put some work into your site and keep on top of things as they change!