Logo design for horsemanship school

Designing a logo that properly encapsulates the sum total of the Mission of your organization is one of the biggest challenges a graphic designer can take on. After all, we’re asking an image to be able to scale down and be immediately recognized as a component on a website on a smart phone as well as scale way way up and look amazing on the side of a world headquarters building should that be where your organization is headed! Not for the feint of heart.

Getting Started

To ensure the process runs smoothly Marti likes to take it step by step. Generally she’ll ask you a series of questions about your business (or organization), your goals, it’s mission and other important components that go into defining your work as a whole.

Then she’ll ask you to start thinking about:

  • color(s)
  • style(s)
  • symbols
  • fonts
  • other logos you find capture at least part of the essence you think you’re after

Sketches + Drafts

Logo for organic beef company

From here Marti will prepare a sketch or two and then depending on your approval either

  • offer more sketches or
  • start working up rough drafts of the main components of your logo

From here it’s just a matter of repeating steps (sketches and refinements) as necessary and fine tuning the major components of your new logo into a professionally produced whole where name, tagline (if any) and image (if any) as well as visual styling are al brought together.


Logo for Food Activist Group

So how much does all this cost? Depends on how soon we can get to the refinement point!

This is always a custom job, where original conceptualization is harnessed to produce something that’s:

  • distinct
  • attractive
  • professional
  • useful
  • scaleable
  • and you love!

Generally we go on an hourly basis of $50/each. Usually we can get to a point where we’re fine tuning within an hour or two – sometimes more. This is entirely up to how quickly we can discover what you think will serve you well! This is where answering Marti’s questions and doing your bit of homework will streamline the process.

Logo for LEEDs certified green building

Not into that? No worries! Marti is always happy to explore for you. Kind of just depends on your budget and comfort level.

Recent Logo for a horsey client

Recent Logo for a horsey client