If you have a small business or are your own business, you need a website

It’s how people get most of their background, pre-sales information about your business. Because Marti has a lot of from the ground up experience creating websites for small businesses she knows exactly what they should include. Even more – she knows how to help you figure out how to assemble your information to achieve your goals!

Need to Work Great

Even if it’s a fairly uncomplicated set up it needs to work great on all platforms on people’s:

  • laptops computers
  • desktop computers
  • smart phones, like the iPhone and Android
  • tablets like the iPad and all the others
  • and on any browser – Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc


Back in the ‘olden days’ when the internet was brand new Marti used a WYSIWYG (pronouced “whizzy wig” – or “what you see is what you get”) web page code editor and built every page using html (hypertext mark up language) tables. She’s gone through many personal knowledge upgrades since then including Flash and DreamWeaver (click on each to see a still running client web site as a live demo of each). No, not a classic 70’s song or a last century cartoon superhero – but two now classic website developer tools.

Let Marti Make You One!

“I got big compliments on our web site today from a bride during our tour.
She said it was the best one she had seen in the wedding biz.  :)”
– Patrick O. Foundationkc.com

Introducing the WordPress Engine

Time and functionality march on and during the tail end of using those tools Marti began experimenting with WordPress. At first just a website that offerred free blogs to folks – but WordPress was making its software code available to developers to improve upon. This is called open source software.

WordPress has grown into a multi-functional total website production CMS (content management system) that anyone can download and use! Because of this, super smart people all over the world tinker with the code and create add-ons that ever increase its security and usefulness.

Secure + Up to Date

You can download and install updates for the website you create using it as they’re made available. You can also buy the license for plugins (added features that work with the main WordPress CMS to increase features), like shopping carts, sliders, slideshows, social media connectors and SEO (search engine optimization) enhancers. Additionally there are tons of free plugins too.

Mobile Friendly

Today over 50% of all web page views are made on mobile devices, your site needs to run well on any mobile OS, from pads to notebooks and smart phones.

Zillions of High Functioning Plug Ins

Because the code used to create the WordPress content management system is what they call ‘open-source’ there are literally thousands upon thousands of plug ins available at little or even no extra cost that add functionality and compatibility between your site and the world at large. Through:

  • Social Network Integration
  • Shopping Carts
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • PayPal Integration
  • Integration with every other popular network out there

These days a site for a small business can be as high functioning as one for a much larger company. Marti can help you get there.

Why WP?

  1. Marti knows it.
  2. They keep making at better – for free!
  3. She uses it herself.
  4. It works!
  5. It’s mobile-friendly!
  6. It’s got so many features built in and with the ever growing array of add-ons and plugins being coded it just gets more and more useful every day.
  7. YOU can learn to use it as much as you want or need to too! There are tons of tutorials and forums out there to help bring you up to speed.

Many Looks

There are also a wealth of theme templates available for free or for purchase or licensing. Even the basic free themes include many customizations that can set your website apart. This site we’re on right now it a standard WordPress install using their standard theme. Here are a couple of other wp (WordPress) websites Marti has built for others that are also built on the standard theme:

Here are a couple of site she has built using licensed themes with upgrades:

Other CMS Engines

There are other cms engines out there, Joomla comes to mind, Drupal is another; both are awesome tools but with its constant improvements and regular updates Marti prefers to focus on using WordPress (WP), at least for now. In the world of website design you never know what’s coming down the line to shake things up and make it all even better!


Sure! Here’s one I created with that platform for the amazing Lady C.

Some Other Platform?

Have you committed to another platform but unsure how to use it or need help? Yeah, Marti can figure it out. She’ll also be able to tell you if you’re getting your money’s worth! They’re not all awesome.

Want one? Contact Marti and ask her anything about the process!

Here’s some intro information on how to get started collecting the info you’ll need to get your own web site.